Sunday, November 1, 2015

Living with Less - A 30 Day Decluttering Exercise - Day1

November 1st Count: 

Donation: 2 boxes of kitchen equipment and one bag of clothes
Storage: 3 boxes of dishes, 1 box with kitchen equipment

We hear a lot about the simple life in Stoic circles. The idea is that the most important things in life aren't things. We get that. The Minimalist movement has come and gone and come again, in various guises. Have we cease to hear its call to rational acquisition, to sparing consumption, to a clampdown on personal waste?

Pam and I have decided that November this year will be our month of Living with Less. Less waste, less buying, and most of all, less clutter.

Food & Stuff

To that end, we are going to work our way through our deep pantries and eat mostly from what we have, until we have established a cycle of food purchase and consumption that doesn't leave anything standing 'just in case' for long. Once we have worked through our food clutter, we can start building out a pantry to cover us over a longer period, but all of it used.

We are putting a moratorium on junk purchases. There are a few bits of furniture we need, but they are replacing broken or unusable pieces. Other than that, no new bits and bobs for November.


We have always been semi-concious of recycling and composting in our home, but not exactly rigid about it. This month, we are going to try to reduce our garbage to the smallest amount possible. This means a little extra work to make sure things go where they can do the most good.


We are also going to be sorting through all of the clutter in every room. The goal is at least one box a day, either to donation or to storage. The point is to get it out from underfoot. If we find that we have packed something that we are going to need sooner rather than later, then we can get that box out of storage again. In the spring, we will revisit the boxes and see what we actually need or want.

This is day one, and it is well started.